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Spring and Summer are around the corner

Maintaining your rental property FAQs

Now that the Summer months are approaching it is best to be prepared and to have your property looking it’s best. I have included some frequently asked questions below. It goes without saying that Colbert and Co are looking after your property to the best of our ability but the below is just something to think about, just incase you have not already.

Who is looking after the garden in your property?

  • A landlord can supply the utensils to maintain the garden, in this case the tenant is responsible for the upkeep of the garden area. We recommend a shed if the property is not furnished with one so that the tools can be maintained well throughout the year
  • The landlord/agent can supply a gardener, this entails employing a gardener and paying them for each visit. As you can imagine, it would be mainly the Summer months that this service would be required and only a few visits throughout the winter. You can enquire with us if this is something you would be interested in.

I would like the outside of the property painted, can you organise this?

Of course we can, we have 3 painters on our books at the moment and although January is silly season, they book up fast, especially approaching the Summer. Repainted or treating a deck/balcony is also advised to keep it well. We always recommend to have this service completed between May and August, although we are not guaranteed good weather, we have a higher chance of warm weather. We do not recommend painting the outside of a building outside of these months as the paint will not dry properly and will end up cracking, this usually means it has to be re done.

The Fascia and soffits are blocked and I need them flushed, is this a service you offer?

Yes, we can have our maintenance team quote for these works. If you would like to avail of this, please let us know.

Have you got window cleaners?

Yes, we work very closely with the most renowned window cleaners in Midleton who have been in business for over 20 years, clean windows always look great on a freshly painted property.

Flowers Beds/Gardening

If you are interested in planting flowers or flower beds, now is the time to do it. We can organise for them to be planted and will ensure that the tenants keep on top of the gardening with our routine inspections. It is nice to dress up the face of the property from time to time!

What we tell the tenants …..

Check the air flow.

Check the vents, room fans, dryer vents, baseboard heaters, and HVAC units for any built-up dust. Make sure to clean the areas thoroughly so that the dust won’t cause any blockages in the air flow.


Although a chimney sweep would have been completed before December it is important that this is highlighted to us if not, now is the time to make sure your fire is safe and ready to use in the winter months.


We recommend turning off radiators in some rooms in order to save costs, with the weather getting a little bit warmer each month, you may not need every rad in the house on.

You could also consider turning down your thermostat so that the heating is not on full power every evening, another way of saving on costs.


Any issue with drains or blockages in sinks and toilets in the property, please let us know so that we can organise for a survey to carried out if it is a regular occurrence. Dry weather makes surveys a lot easier and can be completed quicker.

Doors and Windows

It is so important to air the property in the warmer weather, we don’t just ask you, we plead that you open the windows as much as you can when at home in order to air the property, this will prevent dampness and will cause less issues with mould and condensation in the winter. It is also crucially important to let the stale air out and the fresh air into the house for you and your family.

It goes without saying that windoes should not be left open when you leave the property for safety reasons and also not left open for too long as you don’t want any tiny visitors. Squeak Squeak!!

Please be aware that the tips above are merely a suggestion to our landlords and there is no pressure in completing all of the above jobs, it is important to us that your property is in the best condition it can be and is well looked after.

Any queries, please do not hesitate in contacting us, we are happy to help.

All the best.


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